The Project

Manchester First Street is a new-build project, part of a wider redevelopment of central Manchester. The vision is to connect artistic creativity with business and enterprise. As part of this redevelopment Black Light were commissioned to deliver a large format LED facade which can be used as a low resolution video.

We worked closely with the manufacturer of the facade panels to ensure the interfacing of our systems to theirs was seamless.A total of 9680 individual dots were riveted to the facade and individually addressed to create the control map.

We were chosen for this project as a qualified and trusted supplier and installer of Traxon LED products, who also offered the best value solution with the required skill-set to complete the project.

The Equipment

Traxon LED Dots were chosen as the ideal solution for this project as they are an ultra-bright, fully-customisable solution for creative and demanding media projects.

By combining these with e:Cue Video Micro Converters and an e:Cue LAS 2 FX Server, we were able to offer complete control of the facade at individual pixel level.

Key Project Steps

  • We worked closely with the client and contractor to ensure our solution was practical for the project.
  • System design, including product demonstrations, providing schematics and layout drawings, whilst ensuring everything worked correctly with the façade.
  • Installing, commissioning and programming, plus after-sales support and client training.
  • Working closely with the facade manufacturer to ensure the interfacing worked correctly.

Key Challenges

The main challenge faced on this project was the sheer number of LEDs to be installed, then the programming of the system.

We were also required to work at heights from Mast Climbers during the installation, whilst adhering to strict site time-scales, which was an added challenge considering the inconsistent weather during the construction period.

Manchester First Street

Service: Installations
Sector: Architectural | Retail

Completion: March 2015
Location: Manchester
Client: Carillion / ASK Developments

Kit List:

  • 9680no Traxon LED Dots, Rivets and Dot Clips
  • 3no e:Cue Video Micro Converters
  • e:Cue LAS 2 FX Server
  • 60no Power Supplies
  • Fibre Optic Link between server and facade